4 Food Choices To Raise HGH Levels

While it’s true that getting the right kind of sleep and exercise can raise natural HGH production researchers remind us that our diet plays a huge roll in HGH production also.

In fact, eating the right combination of foods literally optimizes a person physiology such that signals are sent to the pituitary gland to step up natural HGH production.

4foodchoicesBreaking your meals into smaller amounts and spreading them out over the day helps control glucose levels and in turn insulin levels. Insulin is antagonistic to HGH.

Lean protein is broken down into base amino acids which the body needs for HGH production. Plus combining lean protein with complex carbs gives an added boost in HGH production.

Glycine has been shown to facilitate HGH production and foods high in glycine include dairy and poultry.

No eating 2 hours before going to bed. Now we keep mentioning this but it’s so important that it’w worth reminding everyone. Sleep is a critical HGH production component and if your belly is busy digesting carbs you interrupt the crucial deep sleep HGH pulsing that takes place about two hours into sleep. This effectively shuts down natural HGH production for the night. Ouch!

It’s easy to overlook these HGH components but the price we pay is just too great. With a little strategic thinking and some minor dietary adjustments we can put our bodies in the best possible position to manufacture HGH. This in combination with taking a high quality HGH supplement lets us intervene into the aging process. For most people it’s not about trying to out run their birthdays but it is about exerting control and gaining leverage over the rate at which we age.

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