8 HGH Supplement Insights

Helpful Insights Into Why HGH Is Important

Helpful Insights Into Why HGH Is Important

HGH Insight #1

Do I really need HGH therapy?

This is one of the main questions people regularly ask. The short answer is no, you can certainly live your life without it. It really has more to do with the “quality” of life you are looking for.

The dictionary defines quality as the “Degree or grade of excellence.” If you are looking to increase the “quality” of your life HGH therapy is probably something you should consider.

HGH Insight #2

It is very important for you to know that all HGH sold on the market is a synthetic form of HGH called rHGH recombinant human growth hormone. This is important because some companies claim to have “real” HGH in their products. This information helps you separate fact from advertising.

HGH Insight #3

Is there a test to determine the level of HGH?

Actually the true indicator of your HGH production is in measuring the level of IGF-1 in your blood stream. There are two different tests to measure IGF-1 levels.

  • Blood test
  • Saliva test

HGH Insight #4

Are HGH supplements as effective as injected HGH?

No. Injected HGH achieves its effectiveness because it is introduced directly into the blood stream in very large amounts. In fact, the FDA classifies it as a drug and this is why it is not sold over the counter.

Why do some people choose injectable HGH?

Again the short answer is you can cover more ground physiologically in a shorter time frame. In the case of athletes, it is well known in athletic circles that injecting HGH and/or IGF-1 straight into the blood stream boosts performance levels.

Important points:

  • Injectable HGH requires a physician recommendation and prescription
  • Physician monitored
  • Costs range from $800-$1100 per month
  • Injectable HGH dosages are measured in IU’s (international units)

Possible Side Effects:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Allergic reactions
  • Irregularities of bone growth (acromegaly)
  • Diabetes and edema (swelling/water retention).
  • When therapy stops so does the boost in performance and energy levels.
  • Injectable HGH does not stimulate the pituitary gland, on the contrary injectable HGH bypasses the pituitary gland completely.
  • Cost

HGH Insight #5

Can HGH products increase HGH production?

Yes, but not as much as injectable HGH. There are however, tremendous benefits to raising your HGH production to what they were 5-10 or even 15 years earlier.

So essentially, you can enjoy most of the benefits of injectable HGH without the cost and potential side effects of injected growth hormones.

HGH Insight #6

Do all HGH products work about the same?

No. Products have a wide range of effectiveness. Paying a high price does not necessarily mean you get the most effective. Determining effectiveness is the bottom line. Although HGH products do not require a prescription if you have any reservations about your physical condition it is best to consult with your physician.

HGH Insight #7

What is a realistic expectation of results from a quality HGH supplement?

You will raise your blood levels of IGF-1.

To what levels you can raise them is difficult to determine. Each person is different and how you respond to HGH therapy is determined by many other physiological factors. I will say that if you follow the prescribed dosage schedule and be aware of some very basic dietary and lifestyle guidelines you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of HGH therapy.

HGH Insight #8

Having a product show up on your doorstep will not miraculously make you younger.

However, by using one of the top hgh products in conjunction with some basic lifestyle changes, you can increase your HGH levels. Will you feel younger? Yes. Will you look younger? Yes. Over time.

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