Bouncing Blood Sugar Can Derail Your HGH Supplement

Imagine your cells as tiny fuel-generating plants that run on blood sugar. Normally, insulin flips a switch that allows blood sugar to be pumped into the cells and converted to energy.

But if the foods you eat result in a greater supply of blood sugar than your body can handle, the cells go on strike against insulin.

With the cells on strike, blood sugar levels stay elevated; in response, the body secretes more and more insulin, hoping to prevent a toxic accumulation of blood sugar.

If you eat foods that cause a spike in insulin and blood sugar right before or after you take your HGH supplement it will drop the effectiveness of your supplement.

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As a rule of thumb it is best not to eat 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after you take your HGH supplement.

This will insure that your blood sugar is stable and you’re not causing an increase in insulin which is antagonistic to growth hormone.

Keeping a tight rein on this HGH destroying kingpin is critical to make sure you get maximum effectiveness from your supplement.

Bottom Line:

Within a normal range of fluctuation, you can manipulate insulin levels to your advantage. You can strategically manage insulin as a lever for getting your HGH supplement to work better.

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