Can HGH Human Growth Hormone Supplements be a Better Solution to Injections?

HGH Injections

Summary: It is important to notice the critical difference between synthetic hgh injections and natural hgh supplements.

If you believe what’s written on many websites the only effective way to use HGH is through injection. Propagated and repeated in places where illegal[1] HGH use is common, there is no evidence that backs this claim. Rather, scientific findings state the opposite, exposing how the continuation of this lie is motivated by greed for sales and a lack of supportive information.

HGH is naturally produced in the body and has often been considered the primary hormone responsible for keeping us looking young. There are times when the natural production of HGH in the body can go wrong, like if the Pituitary gland becomes damaged. In these rare cases, the only known way to provide HGH is through an injection.

So, for very few people, the assertion made that HGH through injection is the only way is true. However, for everyone else, there is a better way. For example, a number of studies, books, and articles have been released that state there are ways to improve our HGH levels and get all of the beneficial effects without taking injections.

Let’s take a moment to review the literature/science and see what it has to say.

Research, Science, & Writings

There are several books written on HGH. A well known one is Grow Young written by Dr. Klatz. Helping empower the anti-aging movement that has taken the world by storm, it is often seen as a defining text. It cautions us as to not taking injections as the long-term effect of the synthetic drug is still not yet known. In fact, some studies have gone as far to suggest that the rates of cancer can increase with synthetic[2] hgh use.

To better understand the research, it is important to know the term HRT[3], or Hormone Replacement Therapy. HGH is considered hormone replacement therapy because we are adding hormones to our body. A lot of the research that shows injections can be problematic comes from HRT research. There is no reason that to assume that the increased risk of other hormone treatments would not also be valid for HGH. Simply put, injections may not be the most valid way to take HGH and research has shown that they can be dangerous to your health.

The Alternative?

So, if injections are out, then what is considered the most effective way to take HGH? This is a good question and there are many promising areas of study. For example, when taking HGH sublingually[4], the supplement is absorbed directly into the bloodstream bypassing the acid stomach environment maximizing the effects. Sprays are a valid choice.

There are HGH products that do not include injection available. HGH sprays for example have shown a lot of promise in clinical trials. What it all comes down to is the right formula for HGH and the right technology for delivering it. With many products on the market and little to no regulation, there are a lot that are not backed by research or any proof.

Thankfully, top of the line HGH supplements consistently provide safe results. Before considering an injection, go instead with an approach that is backed by years of safe and proven success.

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