Getting To Bed Will Help Your HGH Supplement

Summary: Sleep has a huge impact on HGH production. When your sleep is erratic there is a hormonal penalty that over time prematurely ages you.

Get the right sleep and you will put yourself in the best possible position for increased HGH. [1]

An appropriate amount of sleep [2] is important to normal cyclical release of HGH human growth hormones. Seven hours of sleep per day is a good target for the average person. When you take an HGH supplement one of the most valuable things you can do to support the product and your efforts is to get sleep.

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HGH Triggers HGH Release

   Sleep Triggers HGH Release

Don’t worry about occasional sleep deficiency, the body responds to shortfalls in sleep by increasing sleep efficiency on the following night.

While you may be able to “get by” on reduced sleep, eventually you will pay the price. [3] Before the consequences of sleep deficiency become apparent, consistently getting less than six hours of sleep is likely to cause a toll in terms of increased cortisol levels. Even modestly elevated cortisol levels, over time, can create subtle but significant mischief. [4]

Chronic sleep deficiency [5] is prevalent in our modern society, and people who average less than six hours of sleep per night have an approximately 150% higher death rate than their longer-sleeping counterparts. Bottom line: if you don’t snooze, you lose.

The sleep related release of hormonal secretions is a hot area of research, We are learning that not only baseline hormone levels, but also the synchronization of hormonal rhythms determines health and rate of biological aging.

Hours of sleep that begin earlier and end earlier are more in harmony with hormonal rhythms and are more valuable than an equivalent amount of sleep that begins later and ends later. [6]

This is one of the many instances in which scientific research validates ancient wisdom; the proverb “one hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after” is correct in essence. Accordingly, to optimize hormonal status, maximize darkness hours spent sleeping and maximize daylight hours spent awake. [7]

This is another way of expressing the “early to bed, early to rise” adage, If you balk at this recommendation because you consider yourself a “night person,” you will probably find that once you change your sleeping pattern you become a “morning person.”

It is probably no coincidence that the vast majority of long-lived individuals go to bed early, are “early risers,” and have routine sleep habits. A 1989 study published in the International Journal of Aging and Human Development found that nuns are exceptionally good sleepers, This may offer further proof of the benefit of a strict sleep schedule. [8]

Bottom Line

If you’re going to spend the money and effort on an HGH supplement one of the very first things you can do is get to bed and try to develop a healthy sleeping routine.

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