Growth Hormones And Antioxidants Are Powerful Anti-Aging Allies

Growth Hormones And Antioxidants Are Powerful Anti-Aging Allies: Growth hormones will help your anti-aging efforts. But ultimately in order to maintain a cellular environment in your body that is equal to that of someone who is a about 28 or 30 years old you’ll need to add antioxidants to your daily HGH regime.

The USDA this month released their new list of the 20 most antioxidant rich foods, ranked by nutrition scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

When we saw the list we were surprised, really surprised, you will be too!

The new Top 20 list, published in the June issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, “is a relative ranking of the capacity of foods to interfere with or prevent oxidative processes and to scavenge free radicals,” explained list co-creator Ronald L. Prior, a USDA nutritionist and research chemist based in Little Rock, Ark.

Their Top 20:

– Small red beans (dried)
– Wild blueberries
– Red kidney beans
– Pinto beans
– Blueberries (cultivated)
– Cranberries
– Artichokes (cooked)
– Blackberries
– Prunes
– Raspberries
– Strawberries
– Red delicious apples
– Granny Smith apples
– Pecans
– Sweet cherries
– Black plums
– Russet potatoes (cooked)
– Black beans (dried)
– Plums
– Gala apples

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