HGH – A Misunderstood Hormone

Summary: Researchers and scientists until recently considered HGH uninteresting and many felt an unnecessary hormone once we arrived at adulthood.

It is ironic that Human Growth Hormone HGH which is obviously more than any other hormone capable of altering human aging is so misunderstood.

HGH is MisunderstoodMany feel that the name has been the primary culprit for the confusion. Sure it is necessary for the growth in children but exactly why is it needed once we are full grown? [1]

It is now clear that HGH is crucial all through life; it is the body’s maintenance and repair hormone. [2]

This evidence was gathered by studying people who have because of a congenital or some other reason, lost their pituitary gland. When it happens in childhood, growth completely stops. [3]

Research in the 1980’s revealed that just as important HGH is to growing children, it is just as important to adults, but in a different way. Adults who have lost their pituitary due to an accident or surgery almost immediately experience impaired cell regrowth, injury repair lags, upkeep of major organs declines, energy levels decrease, and there is a decline in muscle strength.

These adults even if they are receiving supplementation of all the other hormones the pituitary generates exhibit the above problems if their human growth hormone HGH are not reestablished.

HGH supplementation has changed this situation

HGH declines with age in virtually everyone and once growth hormone deficient adults correct the deficiency through supplementation there are some impressive transformations, a virtual rebirth of vitality. [4]

The significance of this for you and me is that once we reach 30 years of age we are by definition, growth hormone deficient. We can ignore the situation and let the aging process play out, or, we can intervene.

This is what the medical world knows about aging. It is a state of deficiency. A lot like a mineral or vitamin deficiency, but in this case, a hormone deficiency. Reestablishing declining hormones can literally reverse the process of aging and in many cases delay the actual onset of aging.

Our body simply can’t run on empty

If the decline of growth hormone has such a profound impact what happens when levels of HGH fall dangerously low? Accelerated aging is the result. [5]

One of the most impressive things about HGH supplementation is its ability to provide improvements in individuals who have not reached old age. HGH is not a miracle, it does however replace what has been lost, energy, vitality, and attitude.

There is no dispute, HGH is impressive

Here are some of the things that people utilizing supplementation have indicated it can do.

  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase skin thickness
  • Improve exercise tolerance
  • Increased endurance and energy
  • Boost immune function
  • Increase pulmonary function
  • Improve REM sleep
  • Normalize serum cholesterol levels
  • Increased hair and nail strength
  • Speeds surgery recovery

Top HGH Supplementation Benefit

While the above benefits are truly impressive HGH researchers now have every reason to believe that HGH supplementation can radically upgrade our immune system. Considering the immune system is our premier survival tool having it operate at maximum capacity is extremely valuable.

When immune function declines we are much more vulnerable to cancers, autoimmune disorders, viral and bacterial infections. The stronger our immune system is the more capable we are of fighting off these biological hazards.

HGH decline begins in adolescence which means immune function simultaneously declines and over time this can have a profound negative impact on our health. In many scientist’s opinion HGH supplementation can help correct this situation.

As evidence continues to stack up it is going to be much harder to ignore the conclusion that one of the primary problems of aging – declining immune function – can be corrected with HGH supplementation.

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