HGH and Athletes

Summary: Many athletes are driven by performance and may decide to turn to dangerous anabolic substances (steroids) – but there is a safe and natural way to achieve performance increases.

There is a lot of attention on growth hormones in the athletic world so I thought it would be helpful to provide an insight into HGH and athletes. It’s not unusual for athletes in the search of increased performance to overlook HGH supplementation and go directly to injected HGH.

My Advice

When questioned – my typical response is, “Don’t inject HGH.” I tell athletes they can achieve performance increases and enhanced recovery by cooperating with their own body instead of violating it with injected substances. If fact, I tell them the key is to maximize their own growth hormone production.

HGH and Athletes

NO Injected HGH

I’ve been taking an HGH supplement for over eleven years and it has allowed me to do a sport that is reserved for much younger athletes, gymnastics.

Invariably it leads to an entire discussion about how to safely raise hormone levels without putting your physiology at risk.

I explain that as I’ve added birthdays I’ve maintained my growth hormone levels which enables me to enjoy a quality of life that simply would not be available otherwise. It’s at that point I pull out my soapbox and explain the inherent dangers of injected anabolic substances and how it is inexcusable to dose with injected synthetic HGH.

For Older Athletes

Dr. Ronald Klatz writes in his book “Grow Young with HGH”, the problem with aging is that you can adapt to less-than-optimal health without realizing it. It’s like driving around in an old car and compensating for its grinding brakes or loose steering wheel by pressing down harder on the brake pedal or turning the wheel more than you would normally need to.

It’s not until you’ve had the car worked on and tuned up that you notice the difference.

The Blessing or Curse of Habit

Let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit.

You and I know that habits, good or bad, literally drive our daily lives. The reality is that the majority of these habits simply don’t support optimum health.

Most of our culture accepts biological aging as a fact of life and has come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter what you do, you’re going to age.

While it’s true that you are going to age, it’s also true we can take control of our aging process by changing our habits. I know that each of us CAN make a dramatic difference in that process.

Our habits can cause us to age prematurely.

Supplementing with a high quality HGH product is a good habit.

It’s a healthy habit.

It puts you in control.

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