HGH and Insulin – Adversaries in Partnership

Summary: With age growth hormone levels decline and blood levels of insulin increases. This offset can and do cause a whole host of issues.

Growth hormones are fat burners and Insulin is a fat builder and is also known as a storage and locking hormone. This is a partial explanation to that question you ask yourself again and again.

hgh insulin

  HGH and Insulin are
  A D V E R S A R I E S

Why can’t I lose weight? I work out regularly and watch what I eat, and yet I can’t lose the weight.

In more direct terms, insulin makes you fat (by causing fat storage) and this is the important part; it keeps you fat (by barring access to fat stores).

So you can work out everyday and still not have permanent weight loss.

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Keeping a tight rein on this fat-promoting kingpin is critical to permanent fat loss and being healthier.

You can think of growth hormone and insulin as partners who do not like each other, fight a lot, but need each other to execute their respective constructive metabolic duties.

Whereas growth hormone tells your body to bum fat, insulin tells your body to store fat and directs it to use sugar for energy instead of body fat. In this way, insulin directly opposes the fat burning action of growth hormone.

Although these hormones work in opposition to each other on bodyfat, they do work in cooperation on muscle tissue by promoting constructive metabolism and by co-regulating production of IGF insulin-like growth factors in the liver.

What can you do?

# 1

– Supplement with a high quality HGH supplement which will increase your blood serum IGF-l levels and help to bring stability back to your hormonal balance.

# 2

– Less frequent, larger meals result in higher insulin levels, more fat storage, and higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels than do more frequent, smaller meals.

# 3

– Throughout HGH Magazine I encourage you not to eat at least 20-30 minutes before or after taking your HGH supplement. Insulin is the reason. Insulin is the primary hormone the body uses to lower high blood sugar. Eating will raise blood sugar and blood insulin within minutes and for all practical purposes stop the effectiveness of your HGH supplement.

Remember, within a normal range of fluctuation, you can manipulate insulin levels to your advantage. You can strategically manage insulin as a lever for getting your entire hormonal army, including growth hormones to work for you.

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