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It's about quality of life.

It’s about quality of life.

Shopping for an HGH supplement can be daunting. Each website is biased towards a particular product so it pays to do your homework.

With so many HGH products and Web sites on the Internet it can be confusing to find the best product.

I regularly receive email questions from readers that really put a spotlight on the entire issue. Our readers routinely ask, “Why should I take an HGH Supplement? [1]

Good question! After all, millions of people don’t take HGH supplements and they seem to do just fine.

It basically boils down to a quality of life choice. If you are satisfied with your “status quo” then it’s not really an issue. Because if that is the case then you certainly don’t need to consider an HGH supplement.

However, on the other hand…

If you are looking to squeeze more out of life and you need more energy then HGH supplementation is definitely worth considering. Of course some will choose to go the route of direct hormonal replacement HRT and inject HGH.

At HGH Magazine I’m completely against injected HGH.

Why raise HGH levels?

Naturally raising HGH [2] levels causes a host of physiological benefits that have been well documented for years. The issue is not one of benefits, it is one of safety. I’ve learned over the years by using a quality HGH supplement it is complementary to your body’s natural processes. In short, you’re not violating natural metabolic functions and placing yourself at risk. Your body has a “hormonal thermostat” that maintains hormone levels in the medium low to medium high range. It’s a natural process, and safe.

Using a quality HGH supplement that is complimentary to your hormonal thermostat and is a healthy and safe practice.

If you have visited even one HGH website you are more than aware of the benefits of HGH supplementation. Fact is as we age things metabolically slow down, it’s no secret.

What are some of the signs? [3]

– Weight gain
– Energy Loss
– Skin wrinkling
– Decreasing muscle
– Loss of bone density
– Increasing body fat (especially around the waist)

One of the MAIN culprits is HGH. [4]

Most of the problems above are related to the decline of HGH growth hormone produced by the body during aging.

Will HGH cure aging?


However, HGH is the 900 pound gorilla in your hormonal army. When HGH levels raise or decline a flurry of hormonal activity ripples throughout your entire endocrine system. [5] It may not cure aging but by raising HGH levels you can exert more control over your aging process.

Researchers and scientists agree, declining HGH levels causes everything to slow down. Some call this the “natural aging process.”

Does this mean you have to accept it?

Certainly not. Truth is, I know, and you know, if you take an HGH supplement you’re not going to look twenty years younger, regardless of what any website indicates. And yet, I DO KNOW that by taking a high quality HGH supplement you can leverage your hormonal army to help you reignite some of the things that have started to decline. [6]

Raising HGH levels, even a little, causes other beneficial hormones to fall into step, and you will feel better.

Bottom Line:

Using a quality HGH supplement probably won’t make you live longer, but it can raise the quality of your life.

To us, that’s worth the cost and effort. It’s all about quality of life!

Here’s our list of Top HGH Supplement Recommendations


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