HGH Helps Improve Libido

HGH improves the libidoRevitalize your libido – As we approach middle age, many of us have put on those extra pounds around the middle and have allowed muscles to soften and go slack. Also, in arranging our livelihoods and furthering our careers, we have frequently put ourselves through years of stress. [1]

All of which takes a toll on our sex lives.

Yogi Berra once said “Ninety percent of baseball is half mental.” The same could be said for sex. Sort of. That is to say, a good deal of our libido derives from just how our minds are predisposed to sex at any given time.

If we feel flabby and unattractive, if we are out of shape and out of energy, sex will likely be out of the question. And out of the picture. You probably need a rebuilt sexual engine.

Because HGH can and does work on several fronts at once, [2] it can and does put sex back into the picture. Once HGH has begun to trim us down and fill out the muscles, we begin to feel better about our bodies, and our attractiveness. It has been said that a woman’s greatest asset is a man’s imagination.

Of course, the opposite is true as well – once we feel we have attained sufficient attractiveness to inflame our partner’s imagination, our frozen assets can readily be converted to liquid assets, and we are now into a bull market, so to speak.

As I mentioned earlier, HGH begins its rejuvenating work at the cellular level, in the tissues, and in the organs, working throughout the body. [3] In this comprehensive rejuvenation almost everything in the body is affected by repair and restoration. HGH does not just induce a short term Viagra fix. It helps make the cells and tissues younger, it halts the shrinking in many of our internal organs – it even helps revitalize shrinking genitals.

And it is all done by bringing back a more youthful physiology throughout. [4]

Which is why we lose the fat and gain the muscle. Which is why we experience higher energy levels. Which is why we experience a more buoyant frame of mind. (Remember the increased levels of beta-endorphins?)

So it’s not surprising that, with this comprehensive rejuvenation taking place, [5] that the sex organs, too, are rejuvenated, i.e. an improved libido. As well as the desire. Particularly the desire.

Restoring HGH to normal levels is the equivalent of taking a used racing car engine and giving it a complete rebuild: ring job, valve job, carburetor overhaul, new spark plugs – the works. Of course, once the engine has had its worn parts replaced or retooled, and all painstakingly put back in place, the engine is bound to work like new, like it just came off the assembly line.

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