HGH Supplements or Injections?

Summary: The evidence is clear – Injected HGH shuts down the body’s natural growth hormone production.

Supplement or InjectIf you are considering injected HGH a word of caution…

you will interrupt and stop the natural cyclical production of growth hormone.

Synthetic injected HGH is a pharmaceutical drug.

Medical Note

  • It is unwise to take medical advice from any website
  • It is a U.S. law that you cannot provide medical advice unless you are a medical doctor.
  • If you decide to inject HGH only do so under the direct supervision of a medical doctor.

The U.S. Law

The FDA indicates injected HGH is allowed for only three conditions:

  • Wasting syndrome of AIDS
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Adult growth hormone deficiency syndrome (AGHD)*

*AGHD is not simply age related HGH decline; it is a very specific and rare condition (usually due to a pituitary gland tumor or treatment of the tumor).

The FDA considers pharmaceutical HGH a drug and therefore requires a doctor’s supervision and prescription.

Anabolic steroids, insulin, and injected human growth hormone are all examples of exogenous hormones. The main and most challenging problem with exogenous hormones stem from the fact that your body cannot control them.

Your body’s response to counteract the incoming hormone is to decrease or shut-down internal (endogenous) production of that particular hormone. This natural counter-regulatory mechanism is referred to as feedback loop.

Supplements or Injected HGH

No matter how carefully a exogenous hormone (injected HGH) is administered, it cannot precisely mimic the subtleties of the body’s natural hormonal cycles. In the case of growth hormones – when you exceed the body’s natural hormonal levels, you run the risk of upsetting your entire endocrine system which can create some very serious health consequences.

Dr. Daniel Rudman, in his original 1998 study, revealed that more than half of his subjects dropped out of the experiment within a year due to side effects. Carpel tunnel syndrome, fluid retention, high blood pressure, joint pain, hyperglycemia, and pancreatitis are some of the side effects associated with injected growth hormone.

Why take the risk?

High quality HGH supplements on the other hand contain no pharmaceutical HGH but do contain the right raw materials in formulation that countless studies have shown provide the right signals (feedback loop) to the pituitary gland to increase natural (endogenous) HGH production, safely.

This is really goods news because it means you can get the benefits of restoring declining HGH levels without the health risks associated with injected pharmaceutical (endogenous) HGH.

HGH supplements are considered a natural cooperative approach to HGH restoration

  • Adding pharmaceutical injected HGH disrupts and most cases halts all natural HGH production.
  • Taking a high quality HGH supplement quite simply puts your body in control.
  • Your body is infinitely better at monitoring naturally produced HGH keeping you out of harms way.

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