How To Get Started With HGH Supplements

Your HGH GuideI’m regularly asked for recommendations on how to get started with HGH supplementation. In particular everyone wants to know what steps they can take to insure they get the best possible results from their supplement.

As a result I’ve put together a list of hand-picked articles on HGH Magazine that will help you get the most milage from your HGH supplement.

Step 1: First Things First

Injected HGH regardless if manufactured outside or in the U.S. literally bypasses the body’s hormone regulation system and can create a very unsafe and unpredictable situation.

The risk is simply too great.

Choose the right supplement!

You’ll find everything from pharmaceutical injected HGH to high quality natural supplements on the net. I have always recommended supplementing with only the highest quality HGH supplements that contain the raw materials, precursors, and nutrients in the right formulation to coax the body to step up production of natural biological HGH.

Research indicates this is the safest method for reestablishing and/or enhancing HGH production. The reason is simple – it puts your body in control!

Recommended HGH Supplements

Step 2:  Things To Avoid

We are all creatures of habit. Here are two habits that have been shown to shut down your natural HGH production.

2 Habits That Stop Natural HGH Production

Step 3:  Set The Foundation

Before your supplement ever arrives it is really important for you to set the right physiological state.

#1 Reason HGH Supplements Fail
Your HGH Supplement Needs Water
Potassium Boosts HGH Efficiency

Step 4: Nutrition

Poor nutrition contributes to aging and has been shown to interfere with growth hormones. Avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol and eating foods high in sugar and fat.

HGH Optimization Power Shake
HGH Boosting Nutrition
Ultimate HGH Salad Energizes HGH Supplements

Step 5: Exercise

3 Top HGH Boosting Exercises
Exercise More Age Less

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