How To Raise HGH Levels Naturally

  • Exercise and strength training. Weight training that uses leg, chest and back muscles has been shown to be the best natural stimulant for invigorating the body and stimulating HGH secretion.
  • Elevated blood sugar levels decreases HGH secretion. Avoid eating before bedtime and minimize your intake of simple sugars found in soda, fruit juice, candy and other snack products.
  • Increase your dietary protein intake from poultry, fish, dairy products, soy and lean meat products. Protein intake is fundamental to tissue regeneration and muscle growth. In addition, amino acid supplements of L-arginine, L-lysine and L-ornithine, when taken in combination, have also been found to simulate HGH secretion.
  • Practice good sleep patterns by following a consistent sleep schedule. Over 70% of your daily HGH secretion occurs during Stage III and IV restful sleep. If you have trouble getting a good night sleep, you might consider taking melatonin or see your doctor.
  • Adopt a vigorous and healthful lifestyle.

*Sounds straight forward, however, by including these techniques into your lifestyle you will heighten the results you get from any HGH supplement.

See our video about naturally enhancing HGH production.

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