Last Act of the Day Encourages HGH Production

Summary: Did you realize that growth hormone production primarily happens at night while you’re asleep? Actually, major growth hormone surge occurs during the first 30-70 minutes after falling asleep. Disturbed or disrupted sleep can cause growth hormone output to be reduced or aborted.

Your bladder can be a major cause of disrupted or reduced sleep.

Last ActIf you go to bed with a half full or partially full bladder the sensory “pressure” in and around the bladder sends signals to your brain. You know the feeling, you don’t have to go THAT bad so you don’t.

But then you wake up a couple of hours later and you know you HAVE to visit the rest room. Why did you wake up? You woke because the nerves in and around your bladder were sending signals to the brain letting it know “it’s time.”

The problem with this situation is that if you go to bed with “half-a-tank” the signaling process has already started. Result – You do not enter REM sleep. REM sleep is the portion of your sleep where pulses of HGH are released by your pituitary into the bloodstream.

No REM sleep – no HGH release.


Your last of the day should ALWAYS be a trip to the rest room. Even if you don’t quite feel like it, it’s a good idea. A half full bladder will disrupt your sleep and disable growth hormone production.

Another hint:

Try drinking less fluids later in the evening. It helps to stabilize your sleep pattern and encourages growth hormone production.

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