Low HGH and Testosterone

Summary: Have you wondered why your body composition has changed and now it seems almost impossible to lose fat, even if you workout like crazy?

Sleeping soundly throughout the entire night is a rare event and even after waking up you seem tired and run down and perhaps a bit more agitated than you used to?

Do you have low HGH and Testosterone?

If this describes you then the bad new is you’re experiencing a phenomenon known as metabolic decline due to hormonal imbalance, specifically HGH human growth hormone and testosterone.

Good news is – you can do something about it. Rather than hoping your energy levels, sexual stamina, leaner muscle tissue and overall good health to magically return you can opt to use natural supplementation and healthy lifestyle choices to revitalize your HGH human growth hormone and testosterone production, in a safe natural way.

It is no secret that with age there is a decline in these two critical hormones. It’s easy to sit on the side lines and buy into the idea that you’re just getting older and it’s all part of the aging process.

Even your primary care physician has probably bought into the idea that we have no control over the rate at which we age. Even worse, their idea of managing your aging body is only based on, “when it breaks – fix it” or “run diagnostic tests and treat whatever issues arise.” Perhaps he/she has tried to sell you on the idea of HRT hormone replacement therapy. Now there’s a dangerous approach!

The medical community has admitted a link between higher risk of cancer and other metabolic problems associated with HRT. Based on a large amount of evidence HRT appears to be a dangerous road to walk down. The medical community has just not figured out how to add raw hormones into the human body without causing issues.

HRT’s main problem is once the body’s hormonal feedback mechanism calibrates to the influx of exogenous (from outside the body) hormones it literally shuts down ALL endogenous (inside the body) hormone production effectively making you reliant on your doctor and the pharmaceutical hormone for the rest of your life.

Traditional medicine simply does not focus on prevention.

A Better (Healthier) Choice

Consider for a moment if you had the ability to send the appropriate signals to the millions of cell receptor sites in your body and by sending the right signals you could gently encourage your body to step up its natural hormone production. Using this approach is safe because it utilizes the your body’s natural hormonal feedback mechanism.

Instead of adding hormones directly and shutting down its own hormone production altogether you’re coaxing it to increase hormone production, naturally. Natural hormonal optimization provides a far better opportunity for a healthy and vigorous life.

Men and women both depend on a delicate balance of hormones and when they decline we see the impact in overall health and appearance.

Testosterone & HGH are Vital for Optimal Health

Low growth hormone levels and low testosterone level plague both men and women. In our mid to upper thirties our HGH and testosterone levels are highest. Beyond that both hormones begin to decline. With the decline most feel the effects in the form of less energy and a greater sensitivity to the “I’m tired all the time syndrome.

The short explanation here is you not only feel older, you look older due to the hormonal imbalance.

Testosterone relies on HGH and when your HGH levels decline so does your testosterone levels. When you restore HGH levels you also help increase testosterone levels.

Raising HGH Levels can make the difference

By using natural supplementation to revitalize and increase your HGH levels you not only have a positive impact on testosterone levels you can diminish and in many cases stop the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Bottom Line

Natural HGH supplementation can help restore your quality of life, energy levels, and overall outlook.

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