Natural Hormone Enhancement Strategy

The following is a schematic of the main hormones and it’s intended to show the far-reaching effect they have on your health and well being.

Because of its physiological importance and the dominant influence it exerts on the other hormones HGH sits at the top of the list.

HGH Hormone Enhancement

Anabolic is a healthy process that involves the growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissue by protein synthesis.

Catabolic is the opposite anabolic and involves the breakdown of cells and tissues. Much of the muscle wasting that accompanies disease and aging is caused by catabolic hormones.

These hormones make you fat by directing your body to store fat. They keep you fat by directing your body to burn sugar instead of fat for energy.

Lipolytic is the opposite of lipogenic. Lipolytic hormones mobilize fat for use as fuel. Fat is the body’s optimal fuel source and yields higher energy levels than sugar.

Strengthens and maintains the immune system.

Anti-aging explained

If You Don’t Pay Attention To Your Hormones

Hormonal changes for the worse are the main cause of the degenerative process of “aging.” Specifically, if you don’t intervene you can expect the following hormonal changes to occur as you age.

The ratio of catabolic hormones to anabolic hormones increases, causing people to get smaller and deteriorate as they age.

The ratio of lipogenic hormones to lipolytic hormones increases, causing people to become fatter as they get older.

Hormone Enhancement: An Overview

Practically everything that goes on inside your body is regulated by hormones; they are the most powerful biological agents known to science.

Hormones exert an overall control on body composition and aging.

Many hormones that have a favorable impact on body composition, like growth hormones (HGH) also have other beneficial effects in conjunction with energy levels, aging, health, and sexual performance. Other hormones are “double-edged swords,” like glucagon and insulin. With these two-faced hormones, the suggested strategy is “optimization.”

Optimization means maximizing the good while minimizing the bad.

The entire hormonal system is interconnected. So, a change in one hormone equals a change in all hormones. This interconnection is often referred to as “hormonal synergy.”

Hormonal synergy works where “good” hormones tend to reinforce each other and the same is true with “bad” hormones. Bottom line, all hormonal effects are magnified, either positive or negative.

You have a huge amount of control over your hormones. In fact, every day you influence your hormone levels, whether you realize it or not. The natural byproduct of this is you influence the composition and condition of your body.

Problem is you’re doing it haphazardly. If you have excess body fat, low energy levels, weak muscles, diminished sex drive, or look older than most people your age, chances are your shotgun approach to hormonal manipulation is not working very well.

HGH Human Growth Hormone Is The Kingpin Of Hormonal Synergy

Occupying center stage is HGH human growth hormone and because of its global impact on the other hormones and when you reestablish declining HGH levels there is a positive ripple effect throughout the other hormones. Enhancing HGH has a revitalizing effect on other hormones.

There are a lot of theories as to why HGH production drops-off with age but researchers still cannot agree on the physiological mechanism responsible. What they do agree on is that declining HGH levels can be reversed.

Studies show that old pituitary cells (the cells that produce HGH) are capable of releasing as much HGH as young pituitary cells if stimulated correctly. This is REALLY good news because diet, exercise, lifestyle, and nutritional supplementation are proven ways to restore HGH to youthful levels.

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