HGH Side Effects

Summary: People who inject synthetic hgh override their natural hormonal systems and create an unstable and unhealthy situation.

Injected HGH is considered direct synthetic hormonal replacement therapy (HRT).

When you inject HGH you’re not supplementing or augmenting your natural cyclical production of growth hormone, you are replacing it. Synthetic injected HGH is similar to anabolic steroids and has similar dangerous effects.

HGH Side EffectsMost people are confused about the difference between naturally produced HGH and synthetic HGH injections.

Synthetic HGH is used in hormone replacement therapy and can literally violate the body’s natural hormonal thermostat and cause dangerous side effects.

Why the Best HGH is Natural Supplementation

Research shows the pituitary gland of an older person is fully capable of producing as much HGH as that of a younger person if it is adequately stimulated/signaled, this is precisely how quality HGH supplements achieve their effectiveness. They encourage the pituitary gland to naturally release HGH.

Promoting natural HGH production through the use of hgh supplements shields you from harmful side effects of hgh and is a much safer approach because you increase more youthful amounts of hgh, naturally, and stalls in many cases the effects of aging, and actually improves a persons overall health profile.

Synthetic Inject HGH Can Shut Down Natural Production

Research has shown HGH injections override the natural hormonal feedback loop in the body and expose you to harmful and potentially dangerous outcomes. This harmful situation occurs because the body simply does not know what to do with the excess hormone.

All your body can do to counteract the incoming hormone is to decrease or shut-off the internal production of HGH. If there is still too much HGH floating around after the body shuts-off internal production, a very unhealthy situation is created.

A Brilliant Solution to HGH Side Effects

Supplementing with a quality hgh supplement encourages the pituitary gland to release natural hgh.

In fact, research suggests that HGH made by the body acts as a defensive mechanism and actually elevates cancer fighting cells and builds the immune system. Side effects of synthetic HGH are real and a healthier and infinitely safer life choice is to supplement with the best hgh supplements and let your body’s natural systems take control.

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