Sleep and HGH Production

Sleep and HGHUnfortunately, with age we find we are less likely to sleep through the night.

We not only suffer more broken sleep, the quality of our sleep degrades. We tend to sleep less deeply.

Interrupted REM Sleep

Also, we tend to achieve less time in REM sleep, the sleep time during which we dream.

When sleep is restless and broken, we tend to secrete less HGH into the bloodstream during night, bringing on the unwanted cycle – poor sleep causing lower HGH levels, and lower HGH levels causing still poorer sleep.

Dr. Eve Van Cauter, a sleep researcher at the University of Chicago, believes that if the capacity for deep sleep can be restored, then the aging process may be slowed, which is REALLY good news.

Further, she feels that impaired HGH secretion caused by insomnia in older men is responsible for premature aging, which is NOT good news.

Poor sleep drastically alters production of HGH and by taking steps to reestablishing declining HGH levels you can help break this destructive cycle. Restoration of HGH levels has been shown to bring back the normal sleep patterns people experience in their younger days.

Not only does it restore deep sleep, it restores REM sleep.

If your sleep habits are poor taking a quality HGH supplement can help restore your sleep. To initially help reestablish good sleep some people have found taking melatonin or other natural sleep agents.


It is always check with your doctor before taking sleep agents, particularly if you are taking other medications.

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