What is the Appeal of HGH?

HGH Supplements Are Worth Investigating

HGH Supplements Are Worth Investigating

Summary: Beyond adolescence and for the rest of our lives HGH impacts almost every cell in the body and has a major effect on how we feel, act, and look.

Muscle Building


Bodybuilders [1] are attracted to hgh because research suggests it has the ability to generate energy from fat. To pull this off hgh breaks down fat deposits by releasing and reorganizing fatty acids to acetyl coenzyme A which ultimately is at the center of energy production. [2]

This metabolic process does not use carbohydrates and proteins. Muscle building is achieved because now there is a regular and direct supply of protein available.

HGH increases the cells amino acid content. [3] Amino acids are compounds used to produce protein. This stepped up cellular protein production translates into increased muscle building capability.

Life Building

Athletes are not the only ones interested in the muscle building capability of HGH. Aging adults who would like to recapture some of that lost muscle density of their youth have also turned their attention to this promising supplement.

Our muscle tissue degrades over time and the argument is that with age there is also a large decline in the amount of HGH our body produces. It’s a viscous circle that ultimately ends up with loss of vitality and a decline in muscle and bone density.

healthyWhile it’s impossible to turn a 40 year old into a 20 year old science has shown it is possible to restore and rehabilitate our metabolisms through the selective use of supplements like HGH. It’s not really a question of anti-aging as it is a question of functional aging.

We can make choices that extend our healthy and active lives, in other words, it’s all about quality of life. While there is no scientific proof that HGH will increase the number of years you will live, there is a large amount of evidence that HGH can make those years healthier and more enjoyable.

Quality of Life

quality of lifeFor athletes it’s about recovery and performance. For just about everyone else it is a question of “quality of life.” [4]

There are many forms of HGH for sale. I strongly advocate taking the best HGH supplement rather than opting for HGH injections. Taking supplements and paying attention to your diet and exercise puts yourself into the safest possible position.

You get all the benefits without any of the associated risks of direct synthetic hormone injections. Through supplementation you gently encourage your body to step up production of natural biological HGH (human growth hormone) and you let the natural regulatory systems of your body control everything. [5]

Here’s my list of the best HGH supplements

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