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Potassium Boosts HGH Efficiency thumbnail

Medical science has known for some time that even modest potassium deficiency causes growth hormone and IGF-1 suppression.

Although these findings have not received much attention we are very curious why the medical industry does not pass this information along to us!

Why HGH Supplements Make Sense

Almost every function in the body has some connection with HGH and it is critical for the body to generate it for you to function properly. However, with age you produce less HGH, a lot less.

Protein Optimization Provides Hormonal Advantage thumbnail

Spreading out protein consumption allows for greater absorption and more efficient use of ingested protein.

Furthermore, frequent protein feedings keep your blood amino acid pool "topped-off" so your muscles always have a ready supply of amino acids to use as building blocks and the construction of a more efficient physiology.

Sleep Improves HGH Profile, Naturally thumbnail

Contrary to the popular conception of sleep as an idle and inert state, it is, in fact, an active physiological event.

Within the outward motionless body, electro-neurological oscillations and cascading hormones define the biologic turbulence of sleep.

Why Take An HGH Supplement?

Why Take An HGH Supplement?

Because of the number of HGH products on the market it can be confusing to say the least. I am are regularly asked, "Why should I take an HGH Supplement?"

That's a legitimate question. After all, millions of people don't take HGH and they seem to get along just fine.

HGH and Insulin – Adversaries in Partnership

With age growth hormone levels decline and blood levels of insulin increases. This offset can and do cause a whole host of issues.

Growth hormones are fat burners and Insulin is a fat builder and is also known as a storage and locking hormone.

HGH Side Effects

HGH Side Effects

It's a normal reaction to be frightened after reading about the dangers of taking synthetic HGH.

However, on the other end of the scale if you add natural HGH supplements to your diet you'll have an extremely safe method of maintaining your youth and vibrancy.

HGH Benefits

HGH Benefits thumbnail

Across the Internet there is a lot of hype about HGH and HGH supplements, however, the fact remains, quality HGH supplements deliver measurable benefits.

If you are not satisfied and you want more out of life the truth is if you don't do something different things are not going to magically change for the better.