Why You Should Pay Attention To HGH

HGH has unique properties that set it apart from other hormones and as a result make it invaluable to your health.

One of the more important and often overlooked capabilities of human growth hormone is to protect us against heart disease.


It can lower cholesterol and it appears to be a more effective cholesterol “buster” than all other hormones. [1]

Growth hormone lowers both total cholesterol and LDL, or bad cholesterol. It does not raise HDL or good cholesterol (as estrogen does in women), but by lowering LDL, it automatically improves the ratio between the good and bad cholesterol, which can be very beneficial.

Weight Control

People who take quality HGH supplements and follow a healthy diet and exercise program often say they have not only lost weight but it has been redistributed so that they have a more youthful appearance. [2]

There are solid scientific studies that have shown that growth hormone can actually mobilize body fat and change body shape. [3]

This is not just a cosmetic benefit for it may also reduce the risk of heart disease. With age our weight tends to settle around the midriff which means we carry more fat in the abdominal area. This is not only unattractive, but it is a potentially serious threat to our health.

Abdominal or midriff fat is much harder to lose that fat in other parts of the body. Studies have shown that HGH supplements can help reduce midline obesity.

Harvard Medical School
HGH acts on many tissues throughout the body. In children and adolescents, it stimulates the growth of bone and cartilage. In people of all ages, HGH boosts protein production, promotes the utilization of fat, interferes with the action of insulin, and raises blood sugar levels. HGH also raises levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

The point to remember about HGH is that it has some remarkable capabilities

However, true benefits are gained with a total program of HGH, diet and exercise. Taking a high quality growth hormone supplement lets you gain most of the benefits of injected HGH but at a fraction of the cost and with no side effects.

Quality HGH supplements encourage your body to step up production of your “homegrown” growth hormone. A very healthy situation occurs when you stimulate the body to reestablish normal growth hormone levels.

The theory…

…is that if the pituitary (where HGH is produced) could be “tweaked” so that it would increase growth hormone production, the hormone would be delivered in a more natural manner and is more easily tolerated by the body. This is the very reason quality HGH supplements create a healthy and safe situation.

HGH is a repair and restoration hormone

Our body needs HGH to repair itself. The less we have, the older we look, the more vulnerable to disease we are. HGH is available in appropriate amounts up until about age 25, then human growth hormone levels start to drop, continuing to drop as we age. HGH levels can drop as much as 90% in the elderly. [4]

Our medical culture dispenses drugs that may treat the symptoms of aging and illness by masking symptoms, and most drugs on the market produce unpleasant side effects.

Quality HGH supplements have made it possible to receive safe benefits that are affordable.

This offers us a way to restore a more youthful physiology instead of spending money to cover up our age with hair color, cosmetics, and skin care products.

Which supplement should you buy?

excellentMany HGH supplements are recommended across the Internet by well meaning individuals who simply do not understand why a particular product is good or more importantly, how it truly works.

Most marketing material cites benefits that have been achieved through the use of injected growth hormone. This is not entirely fair for those of us who are shopping for HGH supplements.

My HGH Supplement Recommendations


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