HGH and Brain Function

HGH has been shown to increase nerve growth factors

Summary: Because it works at the cellular level, hgh affects brain tissue and is also able to offer beneficial effects for nerve tissue.

HGH brings about marvelous effects on other parts of the body – promoting repair, stopping or reversing shrinkage in organs.

Our Brain Is Our Essence

For centuries philosophers have debated the mind body aspect of our existence. At present science marshals an immense body of evidence to show that we – our minds, our personalities, our identities – all tend to derive from the existence, structure, and biochemistry of the brain.

If we lose an arm or a leg, of course we become changed. But the root core of our identity generally remains intact. But if it is the brain that is seriously damaged, very often this root core of our identity does becomes altered.

As people age, the thought processes appear to slow down at some point. Farther along memory, too, is affected, becoming fuzzy, and patchy. In some extreme cases a point is reached where there is little or nothing left of an individual’s identity.

HGH Works at the Cellular Level

We have seen how HGH brings about marvelous effects on other parts of the body and because it works at the cellular level HGH also impacts brain and nerve tissue.

However, where HGH can promote healing and regrowth in other tissues and cells, it is not able to bring about regrowth in nerve cells. Nothing, so far, has been able to, although there is promising research in this area.

But because HGH has been shown to increase nerve growth factors, it appears at least possible that by raising HGH levels to an optimal point, HGH affects brain improvement buy the rebuilding of brain cells.

For example, although researchers have not been able, by the use of HGH therapy, to bring about the growth of new nerve cells, they have been able to induce renewed dendritic connections, which are the spidery like arms that connect the neurons for communication. Also, since the glial cells, which are brain cells that nourish the neurons, are capable of being renewed, HGH may well have a positive impact on that front.

This certainly suggests an avenue of fruitful research for the future.

HGH and Brain Research

A recent study conducted by Barbara Johnston, Peter Gluckman, and colleagues at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, demonstrated a striking result for IGF-I, the form in which HGH does its work.

Injecting IGF-I into brain injured fetal lambs, they were able to save damaged neurons. As well, they were able to stave off apoptosis – the programmed death of cells – in these brain injured lambs.

Apoptosis is generally thought to be an accompanying result from such brain injury, a result that may continue to take its toll for up to three days following the injury. The IGF-I injections prevented these anticipated cell deaths.

How HGH Impacts the Brain

One exciting way hgh affects brain tissue is it has been shown to bring about increased concentrations of neurotransmitters in the brain. Since these neurotransmitters are the actual carriers of information from brain cell to brain cell, one would expect that hgh affects brain function by speeding up and enhancing brain function.

And many who have undergone HGH replacement therapy have attested to just that: they’ve got back the sharp memory of younger days, recaptured the quick thinking. To quote Dr. Chein once again: “Loss of memory has long been linked to aging, and now, researchers have . found a direct link between memory skills and the amount of growth hormone in the body.”

One of Dr. Chein’ s own studies, discovered how hgh affects brain memory function. In that study, 62% of patients reported an improvement in memory.

To date, the results of how HGH affects brain structure and function have all been positive. And although HGH has not led researchers to the holy grail of neural research the regeneration of neurons – it has shown many beneficial effects.

Most importantly, HGH has shown that it may be effective in helping us to maintain our identity, to remain who we have always been as we go through the aging process.

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  • paul

    I have been on HGH treatment for 2 years after a right hemisphere ischemic stroke and ca assure you there is nothing but pure benefits in brain sharpness reconnections re-establishing contact that were previously destroyed

  • Shawn beattie

    I suffered severe injuries from medication for PTSD Anxiety, insomnia and excess stress. After 13 psychiatrist, it was found hgh daily improved my brain function and brought back more ability to function in society, also was put on testosterone at high levels for excess stress which caused too much hormonal imbalance and excessive cortisol and adrenaline. The only other medication is 4mg clonazepam to keep things balanced.

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