HGH Promotes Fat Loss


Fat Loss & Weight Loss Are VERY Different

HGH supplementation is not your average fat loss program

Individual differences aside, there is one major generality that holds true for all: as we age, our basal metabolic rate (BMR) tends to slow down. [1] [2] [3]

This means that if a 20-year-old and the 50-year-old sit watching TV, the 50-year-old will ordinarily burn fewer calories. [4]

Which brings us to HGH

One of the most dramatic and pronounced affects of HGH therapy is its impact on fat loss. This has been observed in numerous studies. Perhaps fat loss appears as the most dramatic outcome because it’s something that we can easily see. [5]

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

The reason the term fat loss is used instead of weight loss is when people are not significantly overweight HGH therapy may not result in weight loss. However, there is a redistribution and a change in composition. Typically there is reduction in overall body fat and an increase in muscle tissue. The net effect of reestablishing declining HGH levels results in loss of fat and gain in muscle tissue and while it may not impact weight it definitely changes the body’s outward appearance by creating a more youthful shape. [6]

Fat Loss vs. Muscle Mass

Although the loss of fat and gaining muscle mass is readily noticed by others, it is the inward physiological changes that are most important. Our body’s receptor sites where HGH and IGF-1 bind to the cell initiate a series of reactions in the cells biochemistry, the end result is the breaking down of fat.

When HGH attaches to a fat cell: it causes the cell to begin breaking down fat – this process is called lypolysis. When fat is broken down in the body it then becomes available as fuel, which provides energy.

HGH & Insulin

Another explanation concerning a different operation of HGH presents HGH as something of an insulin blocker in fat cell production. [7]

While insulin acts to promote lypogenisis (creation of fat in fat cells), the theory is that HGH promotes lypolysis, the destruction of fat and fat cells. Insulin on the other hand promotes the entry of amino acids, glucose, and fats. HGH opposes this action and works to block insulin from carrying out its function, keeping the fat cells from getting bigger.

Type II Diabetes is becoming endemic in North America, with estimates of up to 10% of the population being affected. Its rise in the 30 to 40 age group coincides with the obesity and poor dietary habits seen in America today. [8]

Given these figures, the importance of HGH as a tool to help bring about fat loss cannot be ignored. It is a forgone conclusion that the physiological capability of HGH on fat loss and insulin blocking is uncontested in medical circles.

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Top HGH Supplement Recommendations

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