Natural HGH Release Plan

These activities make a huge difference!

Summary: It wouldn’t seem that sleep, hgh supplementation and exercise could have such a profound impact on our natural HGH levels, however, research reveals they do.

This 3 step plan has been shown to put your metabolism into an optimum position for increased natural HGH human growth hormone production.

#1 – Proper Slow Wave Sleep
#2 – HGH Releasing Exercise
#3 – High Grade HGH Supplement

Proper Slow Wave Sleep

slow wave sleepSlow Wave (deep) (Non REM – Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is essential for the circadian release of HGH into the bloodstream.

The circadian rhythm, is often referred to as our body clock, and is an endogenous (no external stimulus). It is a 24-hour cycle in biochemical, physiological, or behavioral processes.from Wikipedia

As we age the quality of our sleep appears to change. Older people sleep less in the slow wave phase, the most critical type of sleep. As a person ages, this typically leads to lower sleep quality. Decreased slow wave sleep results in less HGH production, and this many experts agree starts a dangerous sleep habit. Also, melatonin, which is a hormone responsible for sleep, diminishes with age, which only makes matters worse.

Proper sleep is essential for HGH release and a critical component of a sound HGH supplement strategy. Given the fact that melatonin decreases with age it makes sense to add melatonin in the form of a supplement to our before bedtime strategy. Melatonin is a by-product of protein consumption and increases at night and decreases during the day. Melatonin is the driver of our slow wave sleep and when it begins to decrease the price we pay is lower quality sleep.

HGH Releasing Exercise

hgh exercisesLook – as long as you are interested in increasing your natural HGH production through nutritional supplementation and paying attention on increasing your slow wave sleep why not add a few exercises to your regime that have been shown to elevate HGH production?

Not just any exercises…

Exercise physiologists have concluded the most effective HGH releasing exercises fall into the category of compound exercises. Compound exercises enroll more than one joint and they involve more than one muscle group.

– Lunges
– Pull-ups
– Push-ups
– Bench Presses
– Deadlifts
– Clean and Press

High Grade HGH Supplement

hgh supplementResearch in the area of increasing natural HGH production through nutritional supplementation is making strong advancements.

Typical daily pituitary HGH production ranges from .4 to 1 mg and of course with age the levels are near the lower end. Quality HGH supplements use combinations of compounds of various amino acids and natural herbs to provide the proper “biochemical signal” so the bodys’ receptor sites (which are on every cell in the body) initiate the feedback mechanism necessary to signal the pituitary to increase HGH production.

Obviously, the quality of an HGH supplement is important. It’s no secret there are plenty of manufacturers more than willing to produce poor quality supplements.

Here’s my list of recommended supplements

Using a properly formulated nutritional HGH supplement initiates the entire HGH feedback loop in a natural and safe way. Common sense tells us that some HGH formulations are more effective than others and this actually turns out to be true. It’s one thing to create a supplement based on theory and quite another to formulate one based on experience and effectiveness. Of course the latter of the two is the preferred supplement.

My list of HGH Recommendations.

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