Why HGH Supplements Make Sense

Is the pituitary gland capable of producing HGH with age?

Summary: Almost every function in the body has some connection with HGH and it is critical for the body to generate it for you to function properly. However, with age you produce less HGH, a lot less.

HGH production falls by approximately 80% by the age of 60.

HGH SupplementsHGH is the hormone that is directly responsible for cell regeneration and reproduction.

The million dollar question is…

“Why does the pituitary gland produce less HGH as one ages?”

In line with the research, it has been shown that an aging pituitary gland can produce as much HGH as younger pituitary gland if it has the right physiological signal which HGH supplements can provide.

What potential benefits do HGH supplements offer?

  • Better cholesterol profile
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Younger, tighter and thicker skin
  • Increased memory retention
  • Sharper vision and sleep improvement
  • Hair regrowth and Mood elevation
  • Improved immune functions
  • Increased sexual performance

Muscle building

Normally, the body stops the process of creating new muscle cells after puberty. The muscle cells you have for the rest of your life are genetic. At most, you can increase the size of these cells through resistance exercises like weight lifting. But you can actually grow new muscle cells with HGH, thus getting the ideal muscle density to reverse genetic tendencies.

So human growth hormone increases metabolism and energy levels and makes you feel more active while burning fat. HGH also strengthens joints, muscles, bones, ligaments and heals damaged tissue.

The aging process

Research supports the argument that HGH reverses the process of aging. We are a part of the community, where physical appearance and beauty contributes to the way we feel. Our feelings determine what we do.

Immune System

HGH actually boosts the immune system. With a decreased immune function it is a struggle to fight off bacteria and viruses. This makes you susceptible to many diseases. HGH supplements are used to reconstruct the weak immune system.

Weight Loss

According to health professionals, HGH supplements can help fight weight loss difficulties. HGH increases the metabolism and allows the body to burn more calories to get rid of unwanted fat. HGH supplementation can help speed up this process.

Some other cases where HGH supplements have been shown to be helpful

  • An autoimmune attack
  • Irregularities in hormone receptors
  • Diseases in the pituitary gland, brain and liver
  • Genetic defects
  • Reduction in IGF-1 hormones
  • Receptors that receive growth hormones in the cells are defective
  • The hypothalamus does not release enough stimulatory hormones
  • The pituitary gland fails to produce sufficient HGH

Some purchasing tips

Good marketing strategies captivate you in seconds so consider this before you make your purchase. Words are powerful and marketers know how to arrange words to trigger the right emotions.

Be careful when it comes to testimonials…

Although testimonials are great sources of information you can’t depend on this source alone.

It may be good idea to study the competition, check the ingredients and make sure the product is a good value for money.

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